How To Change A Fuse In A Plug Top


Fuse Sizes:

                     Fuses come in three common sizes: 3A, 5A, 13A. Each will be the same length physically but coloured to match their power rating. 3A is red, 5A is black and 13A brown.


Fuses in wilmslow  When replacing a fuse, always replace like for like. Do not take out a brown 13A fuse and put a 3A red one in its place, as if you do it can result in your electrical item not working or even worse, becoming faulty & dangerous.


How to Change the Fuse:

                                               To Change a fuse, you will need a flat headed screwdriver (with a flat point), or a Pozidriv (A screwdriver with a cross head at the end). You have to make sure the screwdriver fits the screws in the plug.

In an anti-clockwise direction, loosen the screws. You may find you don’t need to remove all of the screws completely as the back of the plug will come away following a few turns of the screws.

Inside the plug, you will find the fuse clamped in the top right corner in two metal holders. Pull the fuse out and replace with the brand-new fuse, again make sure you replace with like for like 3A for 3A, 5A for 5A etc.

Also why you have the plug open check that the cables are secure and not loose, there are 2 screws that hold the cable cord in place check that these are tight also.

Replace the lid of the plug and screw tightly again. You will know by feel when it is tight and there will be no movement in the screws.


             If you find that the fuse blows again, it is likely a sign that the electrical equipment is faulty, and not the fuse. In this case it would be worthwhile having Your Local Electrician in Wilmslow to have a look,

also check that they are registered and rated locally.


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